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The SaaS Solution for Process Automation & Workforce Education

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Grow your business on Dsyfer's Pillars of Success

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Dsyfer Empower

Dsyfer Optimize

Dsyfer Envision

Preserve Business Know-How: Empower Success Through Our LMS & Modular Learning Systems

  • Identify critical learning gaps

  • Provide "Task Specific Training" (TST)

  • Ensure rule adherence 

  • Ensure Quality Outcomes

Dsyfer™ Empower

Increase Efficiency and Outcomes:
Optimize Success Through Workflow and Compliance Automation Systems

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Dsyfer™ Optimize

  • Policy & Procedure Management

  • Audit Management

  • Process Specific Workflows 

  • Regulatory Compliance Frameworks

Stay compliant, reduce risks, boost performance effortlessly

Improve Management Impact: Envision Success Through Advanced Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Systems

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Dsyfer™ Envision

  • Management Reporting Scoreboard

  • Reporting

  • Performance Gap Actions

  • Progress Analysis

  • Financial Impact Reporting

  • Goals to Results Reporting

  • Profitability Analysis

  • Customer Service Satisfaction

Enhance performance with seamless KPI reporting


Start to Dsyfer Your Business

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Begin building the habits of success in your organization today

Our Client Journey

  1. Design Consultation

  2. System Content Customization

  3. System Data Import

  4. Review & Implementation

WHY Dsyfer™

Your Complete Operations, Compliance, and Training Solution

Dsyfer™ stands out with its end-to-end platform that merges SaaS and Learning Management System (LMS) functionalities, encompassing workflow automation, compliance tracking, modular training, and BI/AI integration


Dsyfer™ in Numbers​


Productivity Increase


Tasks Managed


Controls Answered


Trainings Completed

Dsyfer™ Testimonials​

“As a result of our decision to deploy Dsyfer, we were able to ensure that our facilities met the disinfection regulations put forth during the COVID pandemic. This directly enabled us to remain open."

Chip C

"Dsyfer allows us to teach and train a large volunteer workforce to meet our charitable mission. Our volunteers are happy because they can easily understand the work to be performed and we are happy because we can now ensure that the keys to our organization's success are followed daily."

Dean M

"Dsyfer brought clarity, transparency and simplicity to our organization's regulatory requirements.  We were able to effectively train our staff and ensure compliance standards were being maintained."

James H 

"Dsyfer’s mobile delivery platform, provided us with more transparency and visibility to the performance and participation of more than 900 leaders and 6,000 employees.

The improvement has been remarkable.  Dsyfer’s ease of use and ability to produce real-time results has been key to our continual growth."

Dwight L

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