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Collaborate. Create.

Dsyfer provides you with peak performance and operational excellence

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

If you can Dream it, then we can Dsyfer it 

Organizations use Dsyfer to enforce compliance with operating procedures, regulatory compliance requirements, organizational cultural enhancements, and other key initiatives. On-demand and scheduled video-based trainings create on-going learning and top-of-mind awareness to develop habits of success.  Automation saves employees and managers significant time each day, and allows executives transparency on exactly what’s happening and the ability to focus on the "4 keys of  operational execution."


What We Offer

Dsyfer is the leading platform for policy management
and education with a behavior change solution.
We are accountability in action!

Workflows That Work

  1. Focus on the Important Actions

  2. Act on the KPI Data

  3. Keep a Performance Scoreboard 

  4. Create Accountability in Action


All-In-One Solution

  1.  LMS

  2. Policy Management

  3. State-of-the-Art Compliance Tool

  4. Drive Behavior Change

  5. Create Habits for Success

Comprehensive Customer Support

Work with our US based customer support team to purchase, implement and maintain your organization's top priorities.

Smart Automation Tools

You can train, quiz, reinforce, and report on employee progress in both learning and implementing the behavioral changes needed to turn adherence and policy compliance into habits.

Latest Upload

We focus on YOU. Our Dsyfer software adapts to your business


Real time reporting

Total Design

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Dsyfer allows executives transparency on exactly what’s happening and the ability to focus on the most important issues in the organization.

Retail Grocery 




Health Care



Financial Services

What Our Clients Say

“As a result of our decision to deploy Dsyfer, we were able to ensure that our facilities met the disinfection regulations put forth during the COVID pandemic. This directly enabled us to remain open."

Chip C

Dsyfer brought clarity, transparency and simplicity to our organization's regulatory requirements.  We were able to effectively train our staff and ensure compliance standards were being maintained.  

James H

Dsyfer’s mobile delivery platform, provided us with more transparency and visibility to the performance and participation of more than 900 leaders and 6,000 employees.

The improvement has been remarkable.  Dsyfer’s ease of use and ability to produce real-time results has been key to our continual growth.

Dwight L