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Dsyfer Adds Social Media, Direct Messaging and Chat!

Dsyfer, the leader in operational excellence management software announced another milestone with the recent release of the Dsyfer application that includes a Dsyfer community social media feed, direct messaging and chat for Dsyfer subscribers.

"This is another tool that allows organizations to perform all work within a single software platform and increase productivity." stated Rusty McCurdy, CEO of Dsyfer.

Subscribers can now create teams, share documents, participate in communications, post questions, collaborate in teams or direct message each other to help improve the flow of information within the organization.

David Reed, COO of Dsyfer explained "We spend a lot of time listening to our clients and designing our software to meets their needs. We strive to be a partner that our clients trust and rely on to meet operational goals and objectives."

We recently interviewed one of our clients and asked them about their experience with Dsyfer. Dean M. stated; "Dsyfer is essential to our day-to-day operations. We have reduced training time, increased staff job satisfaction, improved visibility for management, and the quality of our products and services has never been better. We credit the use of Dsyfer for this success. We always knew our vision as an organization. Dsyfer was the platform we needed in order to manage our content."

During the 4th quarter of this year, Dsyfer is scheduled to release several new programs that will be available to our clients worldwide. We have partnered with experts who want to reach a global audience and who know Dsyfer provides a simple automated delivery system for their programs. The first programs scheduled for release are as follows:

  1. Delivering "WOW" Customer Experience on Purpose

  2. Mental Health Wellness - Helping today's tech connected youth overcome stress and anxiety.

We will formally announce the release of these programs in the next few weeks and look forward to the thousands of new subscribers who will be joining the Dsyfer family.

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About Sybersafe Founded in 2017, Sybersafe is the worldwide leader in software solutions that allow organizations to put “Accountability into Action”. Our company’s flagship product, Dsyfer, is the leading platform for policy education with a behavioral-change management solution.


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