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Sybersafe Enhances Dsyfer Capabilities - June Releases And Prioritized Features.

Dsyfer; the leading platform for policy management and behavioral change training announces key enhancements to its platform.

Chandler, AZ: June 7, 2021

Sybersafe announced today the deployment of numerous system features and user interface upgrades to its Dsyfer platform! Sybersafe uses the Agile software development framework for its ongoing SaaS products. It releases enhancements on a regular basis, frequently weekly.

The enhancements listed below are just some of the many features deployed regularly based on beta user feedback, requested features, and internally defined enhancements.

System Administration:

  • Successfully deployed a health-check service for Azure, SendGrid, and other services that drive Dsyfer uptime and availability. “This provides system health visibility for admins to manage critical infrastructure elements of the Dsyfer ecosystem.”

Contract Management Module:

  • Successfully deployed a signature management interface for Docusign. “This feature enables Docusign signature capture and simplifies the interface status module within Dsyfer, showing where in the process each contract is. This has broad application for any organization that manages active contracts with other vendors or partners!”

  • Successfully deployed UX enhancements for the Dsyfer Contract Management module, including BAAs. “These changes simplify the input and management of contracts by enterprises and vendors, which can then be fed into Docusign for signature capture and contract execution.”

UX Enhancements:

  • Simplified ‘Managed User’-level playbook menu options to be less confusing.

  • Made the use of “Contract” and “Organization” uniform across the contract management module.

  • Replaced the ‘info’ icon with a ‘play’ icon for media attachments that are informational. “This eye-catching icon now accurately represents the intent of additional media and supporting information for tasks, checklists, activities, and programs in general.

  • The Page Reload indicator is now a progress circle and not a progress bar. The new indicator circle is visible in the middle of the page and is much more user-intuitive.

  • Renamed “Company” to “Administration” and renamed “Policy” to “Programs” on user navigation menus. “Programs” are visible to all users. “Administration” is only visible to Master and Policy Admins. These terms simply navigation for all users."

Rusty McCurdy, CEO of Sybersafe said, “These enhancements demonstrate our commitment to improving the user experience, prioritizing and executing customer requests, and enhancing the Dsyfer platform to maintain its reputation as the leader in policy administration with a change-management focus.”

June to July Dev Ops Outlook

Other Dsyfer application improvements prioritized for June include: EULA acceptance flow updates, default Scoreboard and reporting enhancements, background job software upgrades, and gamification framework research and scoping.

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About Sybersafe

Founded in 2017, Sybersafe is the worldwide leader in software solutions that allow organization to put “Accountability into Action”. Our company’s flagship product, Dsyfer is the leading platform for policy education with behavioral-change management solution.


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