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The Weakest Link - The Growing Cyber Threat Through the Supply Chain

In the current environment of “hot” cyber-warfare between free enterprises and a burgeoning and thriving criminal community, large enterprises have a great advantage over the numerous small and medium business that act as the bulwark of the market economy: scale. With this scale the large enterprise can staff and deploy critical cyber-defenses, creating an effective fortification against direct assaults.

The direct threat has not subsided, but the assaults are becoming more advanced. A growing strategy among the sophisticated hacking community is to attack the large enterprise through their supply chain; to systematically search out and then attack the weakest link. As stated in a US Government report:

Cybersecurity in the supply chain cannot be viewed as an IT problem only. Cyber supply chain risks touch sourcing, vendor management, supply chain continuity and quality, transportation security and many other functions across the enterprise and require a coordinated effort to address.1

Efficiently managing the supply chain is fundamental to the success of any large enterprise. This requires attention to costing and delivery as well as managing critical risks.

Though supply chains can be enormously beneficial to organizations, they are also very complex and present inherent liabilities. All modern supply chains face almost constant risks, from environmental disasters to terrorism, and from global financial crises to political risk; supply chains must be robust and flexible enough to be able to cope with the challenges they face every day. A single broken link in the chain can create a bottleneck which slows or halts production creating a domino effect on the company’s operations. While this is true of a variety of aspects of the supply chain, the threat of cyber-attack is growing, now often cited in the top 10 risks to the supply chain2.

In February of 2020, according to NIST Researchers:

“Organizations can no longer protect themselves by simply securing their own infrastructures since their electronic perimeter is no longer meaningful. Threat actors intentionally target the suppliers of more cyber-mature organizations to take advantage of the weakest link.”3

THE COMPLETE SOLUTION: dsyfer; a New Product Suite from Sybersafe

Sybersafe is changing the conversation about cyber security becauseit is not just a recordthat is breached ... it is a life, a company, and a community. Every 14 seconds another life becomes a victim of cyber-crime and millions of those are a direct result of human error or involvement.

Sybersafe believes that while the human element is the primary cause of a data breach, it is also the proven solution. Their missionis to work with companies, business leaders, community leaders, and industryexperts in building Communities of Compliance™ ... a neighborhoodwatch approach in the business community to keep your personal information secure and private, by changing human behavior; the root cause of 70% - 80% of alldata breaches.

Sybersafe’s passion has been assisting clients in managing and protecting their networks as a commercial IT Network Management company. The recently announced dsyfer products further extend sybersafe’s business into the cloud-deployed software application domain.

The wholistic approach implemented by dsyfer addresses four critical domains in providing a complete community or ecosystem risk reduction and management solution.

Sensible Policy Creation

Dsyfer policy creation helps businesses create and implement a plan to ensure the security ofprotected information.

The program provides the framework for keeping companies at a desired security level by assessing the risks they face, deciding how to mitigate those discovered risks, identifying how to respond to a security incident, providing ongoingsecurity awareness training to employees and business associates, and strategies to keep the compliance program and security practices up to date.

Far more than a “book on theshelf’ compliance program,the sybersafe solution helps businesses build a Community of Compliance™ that includes clients, employees, and business associates working together to safeguard the entire community cyber-ecosystem.

Assessment and Operation Management

Dsyfer’s innovative operations management function fuses technology with compliance and provides a solution for small and medium sized businesses that is concise and manageable. Through the integrated “Scoreboard”, dsyfer also provides a solution for large enterprises to effectively manage their information security regulatory requirements that extends to summary oversight of their small and medium sized business partners.

The product’s approach to smaller entities allows those smaller businesses to be perceived more as a partner to the in-house IT department or outsourced IT provider. The solution is also scalable across a national or even an international footprint and is applicable to virtually any industry.

Integrated and Targeted Training

Dsyfer’s integrated training is based on the most relevant compliance standards (e.g. HIPAA, SANS, GLBA, FINRA, FERPA, OSHA, etc.). Sybersafe’s compliance experts are continuously building and updating the training information system to provide highly manageable training packages while also building a database that addresses intersections and alignments between these various compliance sets. This capability allows sybersafe and our partners to customize policy adoption and tailor training to meet the most urgent client needs and to adapt to an ever-changing compliance and threat landscape.

Managed and Insured Cyber Breach Response

Finally, sybersafe has partnered with industry leading cyber-insurance providers to deliver an innovative, managed, and insured breach response that can be customized and purchased directly from the dsyfer tool suite. Using the dsyfer Scoreboard, an enterprise will be able to monitor the level of insurance and preparation of their entire connected ecosystem; insurance that builds a community of protection.

For more information about how to create an entire solution for our cyber ecosystem using sybersafe’s dsyfer product suite, please contact us by sending an email to

About Sybersafe

Founded in 2017, Sybersafe is the worldwide leader in software solutions that allow organizations to put “Accountability into Action”. Our company’s flagship product, Dsyfer, is the leading platform for policy education with a behavioral-change management solution.


This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (the "Act"). In particular, when used in the preceding discussion, the words "believes," "expects," "intends," "will," “plans,” “hopes,” "anticipated," or "may," and similar conditional expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Act, and are subject to the safe harbor created by the Act. Except for historical information, all of the statements, expectations and assumptions contained in the foregoing are forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual results could differ from those projected in any forward-looking statements due to numerous factors. Such factors include, among others, the inherent uncertainties associated with the Company’s business focus, Sybersafe assumes no obligation to update or correct forward-looking statements, and also assumes no obligation to update or correct information prepared by third parties that are not paid for by the Company.

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