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Your EVERY DAY CHOICES become your habits and your habits determine your future


We must fight daily against the unseen enemy ruining lives, relationships and personal and professional dreams.  The Enemy?   Self-Destructive Choices. 

Every-Day Choices - App

Price Options
Every Day Choices
Every Day Choices Online App.
$19.99every month until canceled
  • Get the Every Day Choices App for the low cost of $19.99 per subscriber per month.  Although we highly recommend a one-year commitment to ensure behavior change and maximum success, and are confident you will experience an incredible benefit of the program, you may cancel at anytime, no questons asked. There will however, be no refund for months of service used.

  • This Subscription Agreement is made as of the date on the signature of this proposal (the "Effective Date") between Dsyfer by Sybersafe, LLC (hereafter Dsyfer) and customer listed on this proposal.  Customer agrees to hold Dsyfer harmless and releases Dsyfer from all liability for any and all activities and actions of Customer and Customer’s employees. 

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